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The Chilling News...

Hey Chilliard Fans! 



We promised you guys to bring you "Stand By Me" Two years ago, however we would like to greatly apologize for the great delay. 


As we were just students and workers, IRL got us all tied up.

BUT, the good news is, guess what...



Not to mention we are revamping A Confidant From Darkness. See Rika and others in a new light ;p 

We hope to get SBM up in December or early 2016.

We won't rpomise but we will try our best!

-jory014 (11/30/15)


Hey Chilliard Fans! 

As ironic as it sounds, our first release (ever) will be our NaNoRenO (2013)  entry "Stand By Me" (demo version), which will be released soon this April 2013. 

Look forward for the release!

As for the on-lookers for

"A Confidant From Darkness" don't worry! 

For the demo version will soon be released after

"Stand By Me" . 

Ps. For more details of the games feel free to check out the "Chill Games" Section of the Website.

-jory014 (2013)


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